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Marilyn Sturner

Marilyn Sturner, also known as Marilyn Nepp, was born and raised in Philadelphia and later in South Jersey by two loving parents, Sidney and Bea Nepp. She loved and looked after her two younger brothers, Gary and Mark. Marilyn’s passions throughout her life included her love of art, literature, swimming, and the piano. She attended college at Temple then completed her degree at the University of Arizona including study in Guadalajara, Mexico. She returned to Philadelphia where she taught English and met and married Raymond Sturner, a pediatrician. They moved to Chapel Hill, NC, where they had 2 children, Ben and Lenny, who adored her.

Marilyn lived in Chapel Hill for 35 years raising her children, developing beautiful friendships, teaching English, and later nannying, even after parting ways, but remaining friends with Ray. Nothing brought her more joy than taking her two boys to the pool, library and book store emphasizing the need to be well read and appreciate literature. After Ben and Lenny moved on to college and then resided in New York City, she decided to move back to the South Jersey area to be closer to her two brothers and her sons who she was able to see regularly thanks to a bus to New York that went right to her front doorstep. She was quite an artist and posted paintings and drawings online. As her health declined due to a childhood heart condition, she kept in contact with all her friends through the social media virtual world drawing beautiful pictures for everyone. In addition to art, Marilyn was an award winning poet and quite a swimmer and pianist. She loved visits and meals with her two sons and buying them presents at the mall. Marilyn was a very positive person, always praising others. She loved being around people, especially reading to children and nothing brought her more joy then reading for her grandsons, Cameron and William, and buying them books. She had a tremendous heart and enormous empathy and emphasized fighting for those in need and the underdog through her poetry and writing, instilling those values in her boys. She was constantly on the phone with her children, caring about the details of their days and extremely proud of them both. She will be greatly missed by all who have been fortunate enough to be blessed by her heart of gold. She is survived by her ex-husband, Raymond, her two sons, Lenny and Ben, Ben’s wife, Kimberly, her brothers Mark and Gary and her two grandchildren, William and Cameron.

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