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Ingrid V. Funtanilla

Ingrid Viloria Funtanilla (February 21st, 1958 – November 13th, 2023) was born in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines to her parents David and Catalina Funtanilla. She was the 2nd youngest of her 7 siblings: Eddie, Gwen, Floro, Cynthia, Hector aka “Butching”, Ogie, and Alan.

She made her brave journey to the United States in 1980 with nothing more than a nursing degree and a dream, initially living in Stockton, CA, working as a certified nursing assistant. Shortly after, she would make her way to Philadelphia, PA where she would start her career as a registered nurse, a career that would span for the next 38 years.

Ingrid embodied the classic blue-collar immigrant story. Through years of hard work and perseverance, she was able to achieve her American dream. She would purchase her first home in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1990. Years later she would go on to own a shore house in Mystic Island, NJ and most recently a lake house in Vincentown, NJ. Not too shabby for a Filipino immigrant from humble beginnings.

Despite her success, she was not one for the spotlight. She was not one to brag or boast about her own personal accolades. In fact, she was much more content to celebrate the accomplishments of the people she cared about most. She was proud of her parents, who tirelessly worked to put her and her 7 siblings through university in the Philippines. She was proud of all of her brothers and sisters and all that they would go on to accomplish in their respective careers and lives. She was proud of her husband of 14 years, whom she affectionately referred to as Albie, who achieved success in his construction business. She was proud of her only son, Aaron, who would go on to follow in her footsteps in a career in nursing and who recently became a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She was proud of her lone grandchild, Catalina, who is essentially her twin, not only in physical attributes but in mannerisms and personality as well. Last but not least, she often spoke about the many accomplishments of those she worked alongside for so many years. She loved her work family dearly.

She was a generous woman. Gift-giving was her primary love language. She made countless contributions to the churches she frequented over the years. Although she loved to shop for herself, she enjoyed spoiling those that she loved even more. She loved to feed people. If you were sick, she would be the first to give you medicine and food. She was a truly selfless individual, someone who gave more than she received.

She was a devout Catholic who embodied the faith. She loved God, Jesus, Mama Mary, and her dear Saint Padre Pio. She prayed often and encouraged others to do the same. She loved to collect Catholic relics and display them on several shrines and altars in all of the homes she lived in. She loved Filipino food. Her favorite was pinakbet. Although she was trained and practiced in Western medicine, she wholeheartedly believed in holistic medicine and Filipino superstitions. She loved Philly sports, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. She loved her Nissan Pathfinder, which she had driven several generations of since 1995. She was never a woman of many vices, but one thing she was addicted to was shopping on Amazon, again, mostly to purchase items for those she loved.

She is survived by her beloved husband Albert Anderson, son Aaron Funtanilla and daughter-in-law Amanda, granddaughter and “Princess” Catalina, step-son Jason and his wife Jessica, and her siblings Gwen, Cynthia, Butching, Ogie, and Alan.

The viewing and mass will be held on November 18th, 2023 at 9 AM at St. Peter The Apostle Catholic Church in Philadelphia, PA, followed by the burial at Locustwood Memorial Park in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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