It’s important to share celebrations with everyone who counts - our extended family and friends - from birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of milestones like mitzvahs, high school graduations, college acceptances and graduations. Today is one of those days - to keep family close and to celebrate. Today we celebrate Bunny - or Mommom as a bunch of us so lovingly called her. Just a few hours before she left us, she broke into a spontaneous song that startled us (dancing with her hands) - which I will call “Hold your head high” - it was hard to make out all of the words behind her breathing mask but they rhymed and were quite catchy and had a lot to do with loving one and other and having fun. Mommom’s legacy was simply the impression she left on everyone - whether they met her for only a minute or knew her for a lifetime. The doctors and nurses who met her over the past several days - some of whom met her only briefly - all came in afterwards to pay their personal respects to us but also to have a moment alone with mommom - I’ve never seen anything like that - such an immediate bond and true affection toward someone who could only whisper to them. She was loved by everyone and loved everyone. I’m so proud of all of the grand kids and great grandkids - she had FaceTimes and visits over the last few days and lit up every time she saw any of their faces. She was a unique and remarkable woman and her legacy is the 16 of us - her kids, grand kids and great grand kids, and of course everyone else who has had the pleasure to meet Bunny! Special shout out to Dr J - Jarrid, I really think you were her hero balancing being her grandson (showing up today with such a special treat - 3 different flavors of John’s famous Philly water ice - which she was able to have a tiny taste) and managing the plethora of doctors to ensure she was so incredibly comfortable as we enjoyed Mommom’s positive attitude, sense of humor, poems and songs that thoroughly entertained us for hours over these last few days. What a treat!! So tonight I smile and toast my mom - please join us and raise a glass high to Bunny! Love you all.

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